Vertical Markets

Different Sectors require different approaches, they have different priorities, pressures and performance measures. Being able to talk the same language, to demonstrate market understanding and truly "get it" is integral to building relationships from which both customer and supplier benefit.

This section provides an example of just some of the markets New View Markets has investigated on behalf of clients,

Public Sector

Austerity has been the theme since 2009, with the public sector pressured to deliver more value at less cost. Different cultures,resources and objectives has meant Public sector organisations have different drivers, issues and challenges which they approach in different ways. To work effectively with public sector bodies an understanding of the environment in which they operate is needed, their priorities, on a "vertical sector " basis in the same way as the private sector

Private Sector

Brexit. Exchange rates. Interest Rates. The private sector environment is faced with uncertainty about the economy and the future, and that means risk. By understanding the market in which they are in, and new potential markets, companies can mitigate some of that risk. Develop products and services customers/prospects want and market messages they empathize with competitive and market intelligence to secure some certainty for your companies future.