New View Bespoke

In addition to its standard Reports New View also offers the following:

Snippets - Relevant to your business with the "So What" factor Snippets fortnightly is a round up of Target Sector News including intelligence on Competitors, Customers, Prospect and compelling events. Provides Sales Teams with market knowledge to be able to engage with customers on topics of interest to the sector.

Bid Note - In competitive bids the ability to position effectively against the competition is essential. Bid Note provides the information on the strategy, product range (high level) & messaging of the competition to achieve this.

Advisory - A sounding board for your Go-To-Market Strategy. Having delivered and executed on GTM Strategies for HSBC, FNB, Telewest (now Virgin Media),Damovo, Lucent Technologies, Logica (now CMG) and SAS (to name but a few) New View is able to support you ensuring that your strategy is optimised - with realistic deliverables and based on a sound foundations.