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Please see below the Market Intelligence Reports NVMS has made publicly available in the past.

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Central Government

Report Title Brief Overview Cost (ex VAT)
Spending Review Digest 2015 The Public Sector prepared for budget cuts of between 25-40%, but they never materialized. £27bn was found down "the back of the sofa" saving the need to reduce budgets by the expected amounts. With front line services protected the core departments have still been impacted. Who are the winners and who the losers? FREE
G Cloud Spend 1 : FCO G Cloud Spend from launch to end H1 FY 2015/16. With a Trading Fund that actively seeks to deliver Cloud Services to other Government Departments does the Department use the G Cloud Framework? It does and the spending pattern reveals some interesting priorities. £250
G Cloud Spend 1 : Dept of Bus, Innovation & Skills G Cloud Spend from launch to end H1 FY 2015/16 key purpose of DBIS s creation of an infrastructure which enables talent to flourish. How is it managing its own infrastructure, is Cloud a key consideration - and which vendors have a footprint within the Department? £200
G Cloud Spend 1 : Cabinet Office G Cloud Spend from launch to end H1 FY 2015/16 With GDS a driving force for digitisation across government and behind the G Cloud Framework the department needs to actively pursue a "Cloud First" policy and practice what it preaches. But does it? £250
G Cloud Spend 1 : Home Office Coming soon TBC
G Cloud Spend 1 : DECC G Cloud Spend from launch to end H1 FY 2015/16 The Department of Energy and Climate Change is supported by 9 agencies and public bodies to ensure the UK has secure, clean and affordable energy supplies. Since launch of the G Cloud framework DECC has spent a total of £ 7.4m through the G Cloud Framework - but who with? £250
Central Government: G Cloud Appetite G Cloud has come a long way in the past 4 years, and spending by the Central Government Departments has driven its total revenues beyond £1bn. This report shows which Central Government Public sectors bodies are spending through G Cloud, their transaction volumes and values since G Cloud launch to the latest GDS update on 12/2/16. FREE
Digital Marketplace : The Recruiters Story Sourcing of Contractors/Interim Managers is big business on the Digital Marketplace and set to grow. Which sectors offer the best opportunities for recruiters though, and which departments? £250


Report Title Brief Overview Cost (ex VAT)
G Cloud Spend 1 Defence Sector SaaS shows the expenditure priorities clearly. Geared towards enabling the organisation become more efficient in the back office appears to be the focus, with more opportunities to improve on the Status Quo £400.00


Report Title Brief Overview Cost (ex VAT)
G Cloud Spend 1 : Police Sector (includes NCA) G Cloud Spend from launch to end H1 FY 2015/16 The forces of England and Wales, and the NCA, have received criticism of their aging legacy infrastructure and systems of late. With an increasing reliance on, and adoption of, new technology at the front end the back end needs to catch up. Are forces updating to Cloud Tech through G Cloud? £295.00


Report Title Brief Overview Cost (ex VAT)
G Cloud Spend 1 Health Sector . As one of the largest spending areas of Government it is not surprising that expenditure through the framework is one of the biggest at £66m. Platform as a Service, as experienced in other public sector organisations, is clearly not a priority purchase through G Cloud with low spending recorded. SCS is the largest area of spend, with SaaS expenditure just falling behind IaaS. The devil, however, is in the detail £1350

Local Government

Report Title Brief Overview Cost (ex VAT)
G Cloud 1 : Local Government Coming soon £0.00

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