Completed Projects

Major UK Mobile Operator

Monday 14th December 2015

Requirement: As part of their Market Development programme the customer sought an understanding of the key Driver, Issues and Challenges in their business customer base. This would enable them to develop appropriate offers, marketing collaterals and topics with which to engage with their target market. The company was also to embark on a Sector Marketing recruitment programme and data would provide kick start needed to the Sector Management Programme. What was delivered? 28 market segments for investigation were agreed with the client as being prime data/voice revenue targets. Desk based research, interviews with senior execs working within those segments and discussions with industry observers/commentators led to the identification of the drivers, issues and challenges - together with the key messaging and…

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PLC OSS Infrastructure Vendor

Sunday 13th December 2015

Requirement: The organisation - which had been an SME until acquired by a UK based PLC - was seeking to expand internationally. It did have an international customer base but believed it could extend further by leveraging relationships with existing customers (Mobile Operators) and the relationships the PLC already had. The challenge was which Geographical markets presented the best opportunities. *What was delivered :*Complete Market Attractiveness Study recommending the top countries to target based on a broad range of criteria, both internal and external factors. Internally full SWOT including delivery capability, additional resource requirements, technical support. External; relationship footprints, demographic attractiveness, infrastructure, stability, political and regulatory environment, competitive market plus plus. A risk based report and excel spread grading the…

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Cloud Services Provider

Saturday 12th December 2015

Cloud Services Provider Requirement: This Cloud Player is a Secure IaaS, PaaS and SaaS service provider working typically at IL3/IL4 using the old Government Protective Marking Scheme ( now Secret and above). The approach taken to product development by the organisation had been technical rather than market oriented. Pricing had been calculated on a "cost-plus" basis without full consideration of competitive positioning. The organisation required a full offer Competitive Positioning study. What was delivered: Full Report, with Digests, of key competitors. Competitors selected on basis of G Cloud sales and alignment with offers promoted by the client. Output compared product and surround service, price, positioning, financials, corporate strategy, key directors, clients and messaging. Recommendations were made for attaining both competitive parity…

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