Completed Projects

PLC OSS Infrastructure Vendor

Sunday 13th December 2015

Requirement: The organisation - which had been an SME until acquired by a UK based PLC - was seeking to expand internationally. It did have an international customer base but believed it could extend further by leveraging relationships with existing customers (Mobile Operators) and the relationships the PLC already had. The challenge was which Geographical markets presented the best opportunities.

*What was delivered :*Complete Market Attractiveness Study recommending the top countries to target based on a broad range of criteria, both internal and external factors. Internally full SWOT including delivery capability, additional resource requirements, technical support. External; relationship footprints, demographic attractiveness, infrastructure, stability, political and regulatory environment, competitive market plus plus. A risk based report and excel spread grading the top 10 territories in EMEA, CALA and APAC were presented to the board.

Data had been collated and analysed from a variety of sources: from government statistics, analysts, Regional Managing Directors, sales teams from other parts of the business, technical teams, HR and Finance, and more!!

Result: Board level decision prioritised and created a target list of countries which Sales and Marketing created and implemented a Go To Market Strategy for.