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Central Government : G Cloud Appetite

Thursday 18th February 2016

G Cloud has come a long way in the past 4 years, and spending by the Central Government Departments has driven its total revenues beyond £1bn. This report shows which Central Government Public sectors bodies are spending through G Cloud, their transaction volumes and values since G Cloud launch to the latest GDS update on 12/2/16.

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Marketing – Is it time to Rebrand?

Wednesday 17th February 2016

I have already written about Marketers being perceived as "Crayoners" (The Art of Crayoning), and the perception of Marketing at Board level. Marketers have attempted to reposition marketing but it appears to have been only a partial success at best. So I pose the question "Is it time to rebrand Marketing itself?" The function has evolved significantly to encompass more than just its original advertising and promotion brief. Market Analysis, User Engagement, Market and Customer Development, Market Management and Product Management are just some of the additional disciplines coming under the remit. Not only is the function of Marketing education, it brings back information into the organisation supporting production, is a major influence on strategy and integral to resource planning. Hard…

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Good to go? Ask yourself one question first.

Wednesday 17th February 2016

Now don't get me wrong, recruitment consultants and CV writers have an important function to perform. For corporate clients they save time by sifting out candidates they believe are not suitable for the role, and they present candidates in the best light possible. That said a couple of things happened over the past fortnight that made me think about target marketing. Not so long ago for a targeted direct mail campaign all you would have would be a name, address and telephone number. The art (or is it more of a science?) of targeting is now far more sophisticated. The consumer market has socio-demographic profiling, enhancing targeting ability, and of course the rich data gathered from websites on preferences and…

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The Art of Crayoning

Thursday 28th January 2016

A Managing Director of a company I once worked for referred to my marketing department as the Crayoning Department, not in malice but with reference to what he perceived we mainly did. Brochures, events, website (yes in the early 90s), tele and database marketing and PR all fell under the marketing remit but back then Marketing was represented on the board by the Sales and Marketing Director - who had risen through the Sales ranks. The Crayoning perception still seems to be alive today. In an interview appearing on (Why Few Marketers Are Invited To Join Boards Of Directors) John Hoffmire , Associate Fellow from Oxford Universities Said Business School reveals that boards don't need a Board level Marketing…

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Happy Birthday to you!

Wednesday 20th January 2016

Its Annual Report time and this is the third year in front of your stakeholders. (BTW -Happy Birthday!) How would you feel about presenting the figures? Above is the dashboard of some of the data available at your disposal. Overall its impressive, 10% share of the market, consistent revenue and "profit growth" and a track record of recruiting suppliers selling through your website - and from whom you receive a commission. The customer base too has grown, although with a little bit more investment you could communicate the benefits your product brings to more of your target market. Even though the Dragons from the Den may be disappointed about margins (1%) they could not fail but to be impressed by the…

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Health Sector G Cloud expenditure

Thursday 14th January 2016

Analysis of the health sectors spend through the G Cloud framework has now been completed. As one of the largest spending areas of Government it is not surprising that expenditure through the framework is one of the biggest at £66m. Platform as a Service, as experienced in other public sector organisations, is clearly not a priority purchase through G Cloud with low spending recorded. SCS is the largest area of spend, with SaaS expenditure just falling behind IaaS. The devil, however, is in the detail.

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Police Sector G Cloud expenditure

Wednesday 6th January 2016

Police spend analysis through the G Cloud framework is available. The Report covers the Police Forces of England and Wales, and includes the spending of the National Crime Agency. The threat of significant cuts was not carried out in the 2015 spending review although forces have been warned by the Home Secretary that efficiency savings are still expected - Cloud may just be the way forward. Police forces are not generally slow to adopt new technology, but have not been utilizing the Digital Marketplace as a procurement vehicle as much as perhaps they could have done given the estimated £1bn ICT spend. As the Police ICT Company becomes more influential in the sector perhaps 2016 will become the year it…

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G2G Sales

Tuesday 1st December 2015

As analysis is being undertaken of G Cloud spending by the Public Sector it is interesting to note the number of public sector organisations seeking to leverage their own expertise and experience to benefit others in their own sub-sectors. For financial reward of course! As well as the trading funds (FCO Services, Ordnance Survey etc.) there are Police forces seeking to sell excess data centre capacity, Health CCG patient management services , even The National Archives has an offer available through the G Cloud framework. It's not uncommon for public sector bodies to seek commercial gain from their knowledge or in-house developed services from other public sector organisations - what is interesting is that the G Cloud catalogue is the…

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