Recruiters take 7% of Digital Marketplace Revenues

Recruiters take 7% of Digital Marketplace Revenues

Monday 16th May 2016

With £103m of recorded revenue Recruiters have taken 7% of the total Digital Marketplace spend since the first framework launch in 2012.

Based on data published by GDS for the full financial year (2015/16) spending on contractors and interim managers through the three frameworks shows a year on year increase of 65%, and SMEs are performing particularly well by securing 84% of revenue (compared to 53% overall).

85% of spending through the frameworks originates from Central Government departments who have been mandated a Cloud First Policy. The mandate is unlikely to be extended across the whole of the public sector nonetheless there has been increased interest from Local Government and other sectors in the adopting Cloud.

Use of the frameworks have been inhibited by a lack of awareness of its existence; concerns about using an untested procurement route; uncertainty about security and skepticism concerning the claims of savings made by Cloud Vendors. The efforts made in promoting the G Cloud (and the two other frameworks) , and the experience of Central Government are removing objections which when coupled with the continued budgetary constraint and cost of maintaining legacy systems are starting to make Cloud look compelling.

Not least to say the fact that the frameworks make procuring goods and services simpler, removing bureaucratic and resource consuming bid processes. Being on the framework from a recruiters point of view makes sense as it makes it easier for customers to purchase!

In Digital Marketplace : The Recruiters Story the recorded revenue is examined to provide the "who provides what to who and why" . This provides Recruiters with the facts about opportunities within the Public Sector, the competition who is already within Departments and the potential resources that is sought within organisations. All data needed to effectively market to the Public Sector ICT Cloud professional.

The Report will be available for purchase on May 18th 2016 for £1750+VAT. Please contact to reserve your copy.