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McDonalds Case Study

Friday 20th October 2017

So this was my Friday night. A film. a home made burger (with a Stag Chilli Sauce and cheese) and a glass of Red Wine. Something entertaining and simple to watch, Well that was my expectation anyway. But as I watched the film there were things I started to see that intrigued and I could relate to: The importance of vision, tenacity of differing disciplines to the commercialization and the importance of keeping it simple. I'm sure you'll find even more. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v

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An 8000% increase in website hits!!

Monday 3rd July 2017

The Project: Promotion Open Air Opera (popular Opera) at the Rose Garden, High Wycombe. Intensive campaign, Started 3 weeks pre-Event (to ensure weather good) The Brief : New venue, raise the profile/awareness. Drive consumers to website to buy event tickets The Activity: Poster Campaign (Retail/Coffee Shops), Email (120 Local Businesses), Twitter page, Facebook Events postings, Local Radio interviews (and Drivetime "plugs"), Local Press Interview. The Performers: Known in the business, professionals, one West End performer, the other Cruise ships and Stadium performer. Stats: • Website visits (pre Activity) 20 pcm. Visitors (unique/UK Only) 400+ in each of the two weeks running up to the event. Pages visited av 2.46 per page. Galleries, Purchase Tickets, Opera landing page and about Rose Garden key pages (after landing…

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I'm sharpening my Pencils!

Sunday 14th May 2017

Still providing Market Intelligence and Strategic Marketing Services but on my new project am actually executing the personalized Go To Market Strategy I so often just "hand over" to clients for execution. Yep, writing content for collateral's (including Biographies and snippets on operatic music), social media and promotion. Arranging PR events (Press/Radio). Supplier liaison (Printers and Web designer), Pricing, Offer Branding, Consumer and Corporate recruitment - its "the full monty" encompassing the variety of marketing roles I have done in the past. It also means I am sharpening up those skillsets (and pencils) that have not been used for sometime. That's good news - it gives me currency for when I return to providing Strategy and Intelligence, for clients I can…

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New View Wins Promotion Contract

Tuesday 2nd May 2017

New View has been awarded the contract to promote an outdoor Opera taking place on June 23rd (7PM) and June 25th (3PM) in the Hughenden Valley, just outside High Wycombe. The event, "Popera" (Popular Opera) features internationally acclaimed Crossover Tenor Laurence Robinson, and the on-stage violinist from the Lord of the Dance 2015 Tour, Colette Hazen. They will be performing a selection of much loved and popular pieces from Operas and Musicals, as well as some "modern" classics. Laurence is a classically trained operatic tenor who has shared the stage with the great Luciano Pavarotti and Lesley Garrett. He often provides the pre-match entertainment at International Sporting occasions, having performed at both Murrayfield and the Millennium Stadium Colette was the on-stage violinist…

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In the News : Government's DOS framework needs to filter out 'ridiculous' tenders

Thursday 9th March 2017

According to one supplier. Having identified a tender specifying a requirement only one company could fulfill I would have thought saved suppliers time, not wasted it!!! http://www.channelweb.co.uk/crn-uk/news/3005899/governments-dos-framework-needs-to-filter-out-ridiculous-tenders-supplier

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In the News : Government increases G-Cloud tax by 50 per cent

Wednesday 15th February 2017

New View Market Services quoted in Channel Reseller News article on G Cloud 9 changes....... CTRL C and CTRL V the link below into your browser to see the full article http://www.channelweb.co.uk/crn-uk/news/3004597/government-increases-g-cloud-tax-by-50-per-cent

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G Cloud 9 .... All Change!

Monday 13th February 2017

G Cloud 9. It's the G Cloud you must be on as when G Cloud 9 goes live BOTH G Cloud 7 and 8 will be turned off. That's May 2017, according to GDS Other changes : • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and SCS go, to be replaced by Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support. • Questions with more detailed answers, more security related with Optional Service Definition PDF. • Expansion of service categorisation - simpler "buyer language oriented" terminology • On line editing of service description summaries- quickening the update process • Suppliers can reuse previous application data for GC9 applications All changes have been designed to make the application easier, provide simpler searches for buyers and lessen the administrative burden for all. BUT - there's a sting in the tail.…

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In the News : G Cloud submission could cost £'000s

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Helping with Application form completion is not something we do here at NewView. It is pretty straightforward, though time consuming - based on what companies tell me who have gone through the process. If you are considering outsourcing G Cloud application look at what you will get for your money. And remember, being on the framework is no guarantee of business but it does mean you are in the game. Marketing to the Public Sector does not stop at the framework! Link : Outsourcing

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We're in the News - "G-Cloud 9 research 'less a voyage of discovery, more like a day trip to Calais"' -

Thursday 10th November 2016

I believe G Cloud to be a great idea, Innovative (in Government circles) with a need to evolve to reach its potential,Potential and actual users need to be involved in that development process and "users" I mean Public Sector Organisations and suppliers on the Framework). Given the scale of the user base is doing the UX research over the summer holiday period really going to provide the information needed? See New View Markets in the News at http://www.channelweb.co.uk/crn-uk/news/2476840/g-cloud-9-research-less-a-voyage-of-discovery-more-like-a-day-trip-to-calais (Please copy and paste into your browser)

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Coin Collectors Survey 2016

Thursday 21st July 2016

New View Market Services is looking at our motivation and passion for collecting. The what we are looking for, how we share, protect and secure our valuable purchases - as one collector has put it to me "its value is what it's worth to me". We are also looking to identify how sources in the market could improve what they deliver that would benefit collectors, starting with Numismatist Research. To complete the short survey please copy and paste the following link into your browser window, http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WJN01/ Participants in the survey are eligible for entry to a Prize Draw, giving the winner the opportunity to undertake a specially negotiated VIP Tour of the Royal Mint in Llantrisant meeting the Curators of the Royal…

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