Welcome to New View Market Services

Since 2009 we have undertaken assignments for UK and international organisations seeking to:

  • Craft Go-To-Market and Operational Strategies
  • Enter new markets with confidence
  • Develop new, customer focussed, Products and services
  • Effectively market to prospects

Undertaking Competitive and Market Analysis we also deliver primary research. We are able to draw upon our Sector experience and expertise in:

  • Central Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Financial Services
  • ICT
  • Collectibles

New View contracted consultants gather data and information from a variety of sources. Client identity remains anonymous during intelligence gathering.

We believe that there is only one way of obtaining the level of intelligence customers value - total immersion into the target market place. Desk Top Research is augmented with in-depth with internal staff members, prospects, trade bodies, industry observers / journalists and attendance at industry events.

Our service has been used in a variety of companies, from Start-Ups to Multi-Nationals.

Contact our Managing Director for a detailed discussion. (mark@newviewmarkets.com or +44 7766 735485).


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