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Product Marketing on Demand

As an SME the cost of hiring a full time Product Marketer can be expensive. Typical salaries range from £50-80k and on top of that there's NI, Pension and equipment costs.

New View has been providing Product Marketing Services for 10 years, longer than that if full time positions are counted. We will provide your company with Product Marketing on Demand from £300 per day.

No holidays, NI or additional costs to pay.

Call 07707 849984 to find out more.

Market Intelligence

From Start-Ups to Multinational organisations. Intelligence is critical in entering and developing markets. New View delivers that intelligence.

We support companies with thorough research and analysis used to:

• Innovate and Develop new, customer focussed, Products and services
• Craft Go-To-Market strategy and Marketing Communications content
• Enter or create new markets

Our experience spans

• Central Government
• Manufacturing
• Financial Services
• ICT (Software/Hardware/Cloud)
• Collectibles

We believe that there is only one way of obtaining the level of intelligence customers value. Total immersion into the target marketplace taking on board data and information from a wide variety of sources to deliver the big picture.

Contact us for more information or a confidential chat.
(mark@newviewmarkets.com or +44 7766 735485).


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