Marketing – Is it time to Rebrand?

Marketing - Is it time to Rebrand?

Wednesday 17th February 2016

I have already written about Marketers being perceived as "Crayoners" (The Art of Crayoning), and the perception of Marketing at Board level. Marketers have attempted to reposition marketing but it appears to have been only a partial success at best. So I pose the question "Is it time to rebrand Marketing itself?"

The function has evolved significantly to encompass more than just its original advertising and promotion brief. Market Analysis, User Engagement, Market and Customer Development, Market Management and Product Management are just some of the additional disciplines coming under the remit. Not only is the function of Marketing education, it brings back information into the organisation supporting production, is a major influence on strategy and integral to resource planning. Hard data and pantones under the same roof.

The additional responsibility has brought about a cultural change within the Department too, what it stands for, a change that needs to be reflected by way of a rebrand (IMHO). So is it time to change Marketing to Market Development, Commercial Development or another, more descriptive and stronger term reflecting our profession?

If you had an offer or service which performed well but the perception of the brand did not reflect the values, you may seek to rebrand and reposition - to distance from past perceptions.

Is "Marketing" in that position?
Should we rebrand ourselves?
If so, to what?