G Cloud 10

G Cloud 10

NewView QuikViews -GC10

GCloud 10 is upon us, and potential suppliers are preparing offers for the latest iteration of the framework that has recorded over £2,8bn of sales.

Why QuikViews

Pricing from suppliers remains a key concern for the cash strapped Public Sector, so suppliers will be keen to ensure that they are competitively positioned. Suppliers credibility and experience in the public sector will also be a consideration for procurement departments - and for suppliers they will want to know just where their competitors have been successful in Government to effectively market their products/services.

Which is why New View has compiled a number of QuikView's containing a suppliers:
• Offers/Headline Pricing on G Cloud
• Footprints in the Public Sector (where purchased via GCloud)
• G Cloud revenue performance
• Overall Fiscal performance
• Messaging and Positioning (top level)

Enabling suppliers to
• Competitively price
• Augment G Cloud marketing to target to specific areas of the public sector/needs
• Assess the financial strength of competitors/offer viability
• Identify ways to differentiate themselves in positioning and messaging


_QuikView_Reports are available for £150 (ex VAT)
5-10 Reports are available @ £135 per report (ex VAT)
10+ Reports are available @ £120 per report (ex VAT)

To Order

Email mark@newviewmarkets.com
• With names (s) of company (ies) Quikview required for
• Purchase Order number
• Contact name and contact details in Finance Department
• Contact details of person ordering
• Stock Reports will be emailed within 24 hours. Bespoke QuikViews are available but may take more time.

Invoices are payable immediately.

Bespoke Deep Dives

This gives a top-level view of a competitor. Bespoke Reports providing an in-depth view of competitors can be commissioned. Please call Mark on 07766 735485 to discuss requirements.