Completed Projects

Cloud Services Provider

Saturday 12th December 2015

Requirement: This Cloud Player is focused is a Secure IaaS, PaaS and SaaS service provider working typically at IL3/IL4 using the old Government Protective Marking Scheme. The approach taken to product development by the organisation had been technical rather than market Pricing had been calculated on a cost plus basis without full consideration of competitive positioning. The organisation required a full offer Competitive Positioning study.

What was delivered: Full Report, with Digests, of the key competitors (selected on the basis of a previous analysis completed of target market) . Covered the Product comparisons, complete with the surround service and support available deliverables. 20 competitors had been identified for the project, and recommendations were made for attaining both competitive parity and advantage. Pricing, Product and Presentation were the key focus areas.

Result: Gaps in features/functions the organisation were able to cost and prioritise their development roadmap to ensure the offer is competitive with other vendors. Pricing was also reduced to compete more effectively (with ramifications on margin being accepted - there was a resultant examination of the cost side of the equation). Service and support was recognised as requiring improvement, and again is being addressed to ensure that they are better presented and reflect competitors positioning.